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What is Watertex?

Watertex is a proprietary technical textile manufactured in Canada by SRTX. It is designed to be highly resistant to water and water-based substances.

Who manufactures Watertex?

Watertex is designed and manufactured by SRTX, the same company that invented Sheertex. SRTX is a Canadian company that specializes in the development and manufacturing of advanced technical textiles for a variety of industries.

What is Future Of Swim Technology?

Future of Swim Technology is a concept developed by Watertex, which combines performance and material science to create high-performance swimwear. The technology is designed to offer better water resistance, faster drying time, and increased durabili

How does Watertex compare to other swimsuits in terms of dry time?

According to third-party lab tests conducted at room temperature, Watertex dries in half the time compared to three other competitor suits.

How much water does Watertex retain compared to other swimsuits?

Watertex retains 60% less water compared to three other competitor suits. The competitors' water retention rates ranged from 81.83% to 119.49%, while Watertex's water retention rate was only 36.21%.

How is Watertex made water-repellent?

Watertex is made water-repellent through its knit, which is made of a combination of lycra and a custom polymer that has never been used in consumer swimwear before. The high surface tension and non-absorbance of this polymer enable water repellence

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